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Educational visits for professionals, City of Oulu

School visits for educators 

School visits are for everyone interested in Finnish education and eager to see how schools work and how learning occurs inside a school. We host yearly hundreds of national and international visitors, and we are happy to host you in our schools. We have 90 public early childhood education units, 46 comprehensive schools and 11 upper secondary schools. 

During the visit, you will hear from the school staff about the daily practices of the school and their focus areas. You also can ask questions from the staff. You will see different learning spaces and some school visits include visits to classrooms to observe teaching. Group size is 15-25 participants, bigger groups can be accommodated. 

School visits are usually 3 hours, and they end with a school lunch. School lunch is an essential part of the school day and part of the learning in Finland. Shorter, 1-2 hours, visits are also possible. School visits are possible during the school year.  

We can organize a visit to an individual school, or we can build an in-service training program around school visits and expert sessions. See more below.  

In-service training programs for educators 

Develop your professional competences, pedagogical approaches, and school culture together with our experts and schools. Our in-service training programs are built of different contents and learning methods to maximize your experience inside the Finnish education system. 

Whether it is STEAM and digitalisation, sustainability, entrepreneurship or online safety and social wellbeing, we are glad to help you broaden your capabilities. 

We have experience in hosting different groups and creating just the right type of training program for the visiting group. Our training programs are usually for 5-10 days, and group size is 15-25 participants. Bigger groups can be accommodated.  

We are happy to offer our in-service training programs onsite in Oulu, abroad or online. 

Job shadowing for educators 

Understand and see the Finnish school life during a job shadowing experience. We offer job shadowing program to groups of educators. The job shadowing program can be from one week to three months. The minimum number of participants for a job shadowing program is 6 educators.  

During job shadowing you will see, how Finnish teachers work inside the classroom with the students. You will also familiarize yourself with operational culture of the school. 

We can organize the job shadowing program in our early childhood education units, comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and in our development unit. Job shadowing is possible during the school year

Interested in learning from and with us? Get in touch. 

Ms. Kristiina Kangas 
Senior Planning Officer, kristiina.kangas[at]