Educational visits for professionals in Liminka municipality

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Services for educational professionals in Liminka

Educational visit for the teachers and administrators

Target group: teachers and administrators
Group size: 5-30 (contact us for bigger groups)
When: during the school seasons
For how long: 4 to 14 days
Where: in the Liminka schools
Package includes: program is tailored by the group, but the aim of the trip is to learn more about the Finnish school system and how the teaching and evaluation is done in Finland.
Programs for example: Team teaching,  interdisciplinary units, collaborative leadership, content and language integrated learning (CLIL) in local school, intercultural awareness,  G Suite and Chromebooks, coding and Finnish library system.
Optional: Outdoors activities, indoor activities according to the budget of the group

Learn English in Finland – English lessons tours

Target group: basic English learners
Group size: 10-30 (contact us for bigger groups)
When: all-year-round
For how long: 5 to 14 days
Where: at the Liminka Bay Center
Package includes: learn English intensively during a one or two week course, that is tuned up with either relaxation in many ways or active activities during the afternoons, you will be closely together with the study group for the whole stay
Optional: Outdoors activities, indoor activities according to the budget of the group

Special program: Finnish Nursery System visit

Target group: nurses, doctors, workers on the health care sector
Group size: 10-50 (contact us for bigger groups)
When: all-year-around
For how long: 3-4 hours
Where: in the Liminka Health Center and Lakeustalo
Package includes: a lecture about the Finnish Newborn Nursery System and a video of a home call. You get to see the premises where this magic happens and you get to discuss with the professionals how the job is done. From time to time we are also able to provide a short discussion with a real family, that has used the system not long time ago
Extra: Coffee break with a sweet bun is included