Educational visits for students and youth
City of Oulu

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Educational visits for students and youth, City of Oulu

Thematic programs, visits and camps 

We offer 1-10 days’ thematic programs for students and youth (e.g. camp school, summer school and youth excursions), which are a way to experience Oulu, Finland, and develop skills and competences and get inspiration to build their own future.  

The visits can have a theme such as science, culture, art, sustainable development, entrepreneurship and/or English. The pedagogical approach is based on learning by doing and experiential learning. The visit program can be complimented with visits to local companies, extended learning environments (e.g. Fab Lab) and cultural places. Suitable group size for these programs is 20-30 participants, aged 13-20. 

 Become a student and learn in a Finnish school 

We also offer the student groups the experience of studying in an Oulu school for a fixed period (e.g., 1-2 weeks). During the program, the participants will become students at the school and experience learning at a Finnish school. Group size can be 4-14 students, aged 13-20.  


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