Toimivax Ltd.

Heli Ojamaa

Toimivax LTD - Private occupational practice in Liminka

Heli Ojamaa found her own entrepreneurship when she was a little child: She picked up the flowers from her mother’s flowerbed and sold them in the graveyard. She grew up in a little village. In the school the children learned things in little groups, by working and actually doing things. These children grew to be social and curious individuals, and Heli learned, that we all have different kind of skills and talents. She studied and worked as an occupational therapist. In 2009 she started the Occupational practice Toimivax Ltd. She thought it would be a flexible choice for the single parent of three children. Well, it wasn’t. But it was worth it.

Occupational therapy treatment focuses on helping people with many kinds of disabilities, needs and skills. It supports clients’ coping with everyday life and enhance person’s self-esteem. Toimivax Ltd offers for example therapy for individuals and groups, including the persons who are suffering learning problems, traumatic injuries, cancer, chronic illness, autism etc. There are nowadays 17 employees in Toimivax Ltd. The offices and therapy rooms are situated in Liminka and Raahe and on-line video therapy is available. During the pandemia also the app, called Toimi-app (Act-app) was developed. App is available in Finnish and English, and it’s developed in co-operation with the child psychologists and other experts. With the app children can develop for example self-regulation and support the state of alertness.